Our People

We are quite proud of the fact that nearly 25% of our staff has been employed here over 20 years and 10% over 30 years. That is quite a statistic and speaks volumes about those employees and Service Engineering as a company. Our team consists of a variety of talented individuals; all dedicated to insuring our customers’ expectations are exceeded in everything we do.

What do our team members think about working at Service Engineering? Let’s hear from them…

Bruce – 35 year SEI Veteran
Why have you worked for SEI for the number of years you have?
“Working with people that are honest and caring makes being here easy.  I have been given the opportunity to be mentored by numerous people. Many of these people having special knowledge which they were willing to share. To this very day, I learn things all the time. It just seems right to be here to share what I have learned with the next generation of employees.”

If you had to name one thing that is most special about SEI compared to our competition, what is it?
“Our people are willing to jump in, work together and get to solutions. While this is a mindset that has to be learned, as well as being part of who you are, we have so many of our people who are there. I feel these types of efforts make SEI the better supplier in every phase of work we do.”

What makes you most proud about SEI?
“I would have to say, knowing that SEI has grown to be the leader in the industry.  Having the opportunity to be a part of getting the company to that position makes me proud. This instills a sense of pride, which takes a lot of hard work and time to achieve.”

Jerry GrillJerry – 13 years at SEI
Why have you worked for SEI for the number of years you have?
“I enjoy working with likeminded, hardworking, good people who care not only about my professional growth, but also my personal growth. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity and I could not imagine doing it with any other team.”

If you had to name one thing that is most special about SEI compared to our competition, what is it?
“OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! We care about our customers. It is more than just providing a single feed system on a single application. We strive to provide a lifetime worth of feed systems to our customers. All of the decisions through a project are made to ensure our customers have the most reliable and efficient machines as possible.”

What makes you most proud about SEI?
“Our People. It is easy to do my job when I am surrounded by the most experienced, hardworking, honest team in the industry. It is the secret to our 50+ years of providing exceptional equipment with outstanding customer service.”

Jake – 5 years on SEI’s Team
Why have you worked for SEI for the number of years you have?
“I started working at SEI as soon as I graduated from the University of Indianapolis.  Service Engineering has given me the opportunity to learn about automation along with fabrication.  The history of the company, their reputation and success all motivate me to continue working at SEI..”

If you had to name one thing that is most special about SEI compared to our competition, what is it?
“Craftsmanship.  The attention to detail on every single job is astounding.  SEI employees strive to create better products than our competition.  There are no short cuts to leading in the manufacturing industry and SEI works diligently to make every customer a happy one.  Our ability to handle any job efficiently and professionally is something to be proud of.”

What makes you most proud about SEI?
“I am proud to be a part of a team of genuine, hard-working employees that always deliver what the customer requires.  The employees go above and beyond to teach and assist new employees the trade. Secondly, our products speak for themselves in terms of quality, appearance and most importantly functionality.”

Our Team

At Service Engineering, we know it takes a TEAM to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Our people provide the backbone AND core of our daily operation and we are proud of everyone on our Team; regardless of seniority.

Project Managers
Project Managers deal directly with our Sales Representatives and customers throughout the entire manufacturing build. They receive parts from customers, develop concepts, quote jobs and manage projects from start to finish.

Conceptual quality means drawing on extensive knowledge to produce the most effective and operator-friendly systems possible. Our Engineers are Solidworks design specialists and provide the most reliable engineering – no matter the application.

Our Manufacturing Team works together through every step of the bowl building process. Starting with those who cut steel for use on standard items to basic bowl building, specialized bowl tooling, assembly and quality control. We employ some of the nation’s most experienced bowl builders; many have been with us 25+ years and it shows in the quality products we custom build.

Customer Service & Administration
Service Engineering was founded on integrity. From day one in 1967, our Founders adopted highly ethical business practices and strived for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. Today we take great pride in carrying on those traditions, whether dealing with customers, service providers or each other. From processing a customer order to complete shipment, our Customer Service Team prides itself on exceeding our customers’ expectations.