SEI Contributes to COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Service Engineering Inc. has taken part in the relief effort to fight the COVID-19 virus. With this currently affecting 149 countries around the world, SEI found it necessary to do its part to provide relief in the form of medical manufacturing equipment. The respirator valves used on N-95 Masks have been fed using SEI concepts for 20+ years. As part of our nation’s response, Service Engineering Inc. has been working hard and efficiently to get additional equipment running production.

An essential business during this crisis, SEI has once again proven itself as a leader in the parts handling industry.

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Service Engineering partners with AFM Engineering to provide over 80 years of parts feeding experience to the New England area

Greenfield, Indiana, USA, January 20, 2020
Service Engineering, Inc an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom parts handling systems, feeder bowls, and all related equipment, has partnered with AFM Engineering located in Brooklyn, CT to serve the New England area. “AFM is an established and well respected presence in New England. Steve Gilman and I have found a lot of common ground and it made sense for us to work together,” stated Ryan Jennings, President & CEO of Service Engineering, Inc. “Service Engineering prides itself on being a total solution for our customers parts handling needs and with Steve’s hand-on ability to support all aspects of sales and service of the equipment, all of our customers will benefit from this partnership.”

Service Engineering will continue to manufacture new equipment from its state-of-the-art 78,000 sq.ft. facility located in Greenfield, Indiana while AFM is able to provide rework, repair, and support of the equipment in the New England area from their facility in Connecticut. “AFM now has the full resources of Service Engineering to offer our customers and SEI’s customers now have someone local that can walk in the door with tools in hand and go right to work,” says Steve Gilman, owner of AFM Engineering. “As both a bowl builder and a business owner, I have a unique perspective to offer our customers. For some that will mean providing targeted information and services that will help them own and operate their feed system. For others it will mean that I am there to provide feeder bowl support on systems which may be headed to facilities all over the world.”

AFM now represents Service Engineering in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, and Southern New Hampshire.

AFM Engineering
Steve Gilman
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Bruce Allen
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Service Engineering, Inc.
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Service Engineering, Inc Acquires Assets of Piercy Machine Company
‘A long standing partnership becomes an integrated company’

Greenfield, Indiana, USA, October 1st, 2019
Service Engineering, Inc who leads the industry in the design and manufacturing of custom parts handling systems, feeder bowls, and all related equipment, has acquired the assets of Piercy Machine Company. “Piercy Machine Company has been a valued partner of ours for almost 20 years and this agreement is the culmination of many years of hard work and loyalty by both companies,” stated Ryan Jennings, President & CEO of Service Engineering, Inc. “Both companies have a reputation for extremely high quality products at competitive prices and by bringing the expertise of PMC into our company and sharing with PMC the processes and efficiencies that SEI excels at, we are confident that this will be a win for everyone involved, especially our customers.”

Service Engineering will transition the operation of Piercy Machine to its state-of-the-art facility located in Greenfield, Indiana over the next several months. “We are excited for the staff of Piercy Machine to join our team,” says Vice President of Service Engineering, Steve Cecil. “I have been with SEI for eight years now and I have found SEI to be second to none. The Piercy staff will love it here and appreciate all of the benefits that our company provides such as profit sharing, 401K match, and paid time off.”

About Piercy Machine Company- Piercy Machine Company, owned and operated by Gaylon and Sandra Piercy, has been in business for thirty five years specializing in the manufacturing of electro-magnets. In addition, PMC operates a fully functional machine shop supplying products such as standoffs, leveling legs, and custom components. The Piercy’s are excited to turn the next chapter of their lives while seeing their company and its good name continue on in the hands of Service Engineering.

Ryan Jennings
President & CEO
Service Engineering, Inc.
2190 West Main Street
Greenfield, IN 46140
(317) 467-2000

Service Engineering Does It Again!

Shibuya Hoppmann’s 2017 OEM of the Year

We are proud to be the most successful OEM in the history of their 33-year program and we are thankful to all of our customers who have helped make this happen.

Hoppmann Award 2017

On behalf of Service Engineering, Inc., Ken Croft (left),
SEI Purchasing Manager, is proud to accept Shibuya Hoppmann’s
2017 OEM of the Year Award from Nick White (right).

2021 Building expansion to 104,000 sq ft planned

This building expansion is planned for the East end of our building and is being done in response to steady growth in sales and product offerings. Stay tuned for more exciting news.



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